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It’s trade deadline day, and most general managers are analyzing different players , their stats, their history, their worth, and are going to judge them to see if they would be considered as an asset to their organization.
So I decided to take a look at OUR GM, to see if HIS stats, and history are truly worthy of OUR organization. You be the judge.


1993 Hired by Anaheim as (correction Assistant GM)

No Playoffs in ’93
No Playoffs in ’94
No Playoffs in ’95 (even though PG is let go by mid-season as management decides they want to go in a different direction.)

1995 With’n a few weeks Pierre finds himself as GM of the Ottawa senators:

No Playoffs in ’95
No Playoffs in ’96
Lose 1st round in 1997

Mid 97-98 season PG annonuces “HIS” decision to step down as GM in Ottawa in order to be able to be with his family more often, and that he’s thinking about getting out of Hockey all together!

17 DAYS LATER… He is re-hired by the Anaheim ducks (where oddly enough, since his departure 2 seasons ago, Anaheim went to the 2nd round and 1st round consecutively!)

4 months after his return to Anaheim,
No Playoffs ’98
1 round ’99
No Playoffs ’00
No Playoffs ’01
No Playoffs ’02

2003 After yet ANOTHER disasterous run in Anaheim PG gets fired, and hired by none other than Bob Gainey as a Pro Scout for the Montreal Canadiens! (What on earth was Bob Gainey Thinking?)

2006 after Pierre had made some huge scouting mistakes the likes of Janni Ninnema (remember he’s the guy we got for Mike Ribeiro,!) Bob Gainey decides to promote him to Assistant GM!

2009 Bob Gainey steps down as GM, and the Molson’s decide to annoint Pierre Gauthier as their General Manager? Am I missing something? In Pierre Gauthier’s 11 years as a GM His teams have missed the playoffs 9 times! NINE TIMES OUT OF ELEVEN!!! This is the “winner” that Geoff Molson chooses to captain his $600 Million ship!

After taking and processing all this information, I can only come to one conclusion…for an organization with such a tremendous history to it’s people, a team that’s so adored by it’s fans, and the hockey team that carries the badge of the most storied hockey franchis in the world, it deserves nothing less than the best. As fans you should expect NOTHING MORE and ACCEPT NOTHING LESS. And  the numbers would dictate that our current GM is the antithesis of what the Montreal Canadiens deserve.


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