Jacque Martin Kirk MullerWhile most NHL coaches keep their respective team’s game plan and strategies secret; Canadiens coach Jacques Martin has been open about his. TSN has reported that The Canadiens game plans and preparations are done by none other than assistant coaches Kirk Muller ans Perry Pearn in an alternating rotation. Of course, they also stated that coach Martin has the final say in all game plans, but is this alternating coaches thing the right thing to do? I mean, I’ve heard of developping players during the regular season, but developping coaches?

Maybe this is common practice in the NHL these days, and I was just unaware of it, but I’m from the old school of coaching: Goaltending coach for the goalies, assistant coach for the defence and head coach for the rest. No rotations, no alternating , no nothing. One head coach, one boss. You do your job and I’ll do mine. The players and assistant coaches answer to one guy.

In the Habs case, who’s the real boss? Martin is head coach. Fine. One game Muller prepares the game plan, next game it’s Pearn. If we (Habs) win every game, great! What happens when we (Habs) lose games? Who takes the blame? The Head coach? It wasn’t his game plan, it was the assistants. Does the assistant take full blame? Does he take partial blame? What if one of the assistant coaches loses every game he prepares? Who’s to blame? What kind of message does it send to the players?

Confusing? It sure is!


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